How to Do Downward Dog in Postpartum


How to Do the Downward Dog Pose in Postpartum
Let’s R E S E T your Downward Dog to get the most from this hip- and leg-opening yoga pose found in so many home workouts and flow!

It’s one of the most widely known yoga poses and probably one you’ve done time and time again in yoga flows and even core and mobility workouts.  Let’s R E S E T your Downward Dog to strengthen and mobilize the shoulders, core and hips! 

Downward Facing Dog pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana in Sanskrit) can be practised on its own or as part of a flow or mobility sequence, and makes a good, but still challenging, resting point between other poses. Traditionally, the Downward Facing Dog yoga pose helps encourage circulation and calm the nervous system.

While it’s grounding and relaxing, Downward Dog can also feel very challenging on tight shoulders, hamstrings and calves. Instead of focusing on how the pose “looks” – trying to get perfectly straight legs or heels to the floor, for example – focus on how it FEELS and on finding alignment in Downward Dog that allows you to feel the hip-opening, shoulder stabilizing effects!

?Follow along with Laura to understand how Downward Dog pose should feel in YOUR body before your next yoga session!⁠⁠

How to Do the Downward Facing Dog Pose in Postpartum

Sound ON to get the expert cues you need to be sure the Downward Dog pose is safe and effective for YOUR body!

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When Can I Run, Jump & Lift Weights In Postpartum?

When do you “graduate” from postpartum workouts and know you’re ready for heavy lifting, high impact and more intensity? Here’s how to know.

A quick google of the term “postpartum…”

What? don’t pretend you don’t google medical stuff, too!

A quick google of the term “postpartum” will have your head spinning.

Are you postpartum for the 6 weeks before your postpartum checkup?

Are you postpartum for the first 3 months after baby is born, aka the “fourth trimester?”

Are you postpartum for the year of infancy, about 12 months?

Or maybe you’ve encountered the #postpartumisforever trend on social media encouraging women to embrace the changes in their body, however long they may last?


When you move onto high-intensity training depends more on how you feel and less about the exact timeline since your little people were born.

Some mamas might feel ready to lift weights but not jump. Others might love running but feel back pain while attempting to lift heavy.

Understand your body is giving you feedback and use that feedback to adust intensity or exercises according to your needs that day.

Your best best? A qualified coach like our pal Reena Parekh, mama of 2 and co-creator of the Mama Reset Run Well program in our Membership.

Laura sat down for a chat with Reena about moving from mat work to barbells, jumping and running.

Learn the best way to start adding intensity and impact to your workouts, how to know when you’ve pushed too far and what “level” of core training is appropriate for you!

(Hint: when you’re ready to return to running or join that barbell class you’ll still need the core & pelvic floor training, moblility and strength work to support those new routines! Where better to get those supportive workouts than Mama Reset?)

Returning to high-intensity exercise and weightlifting in postpartum with Guest Expert Reena Parekh

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