6-Minute Bedtime Yoga Flow For Moms


6-Minute Bedtime Yoga Flow For Mamas

Save this short and doable, grounding yoga flow to do before bed! Excerpted from Mama Reset Member Class: Bedtime Yoga Flow.

Who doesn’t want a little help drifting off?

Soothing before-bed movemetn can just help you wring that last drop out of your system so you can really R E L A X and fall asleep more easily at the end of a stressful day.

PLUS, if you’re experiencing night-waking to empty your bladder, releasing your hips before bed might even help calm your pelvic floor muscles; when they’re calmer, they can handle the weight of your bladder better as it fills overnight, letting you sleep longer without interruptions to pee.

Spending just these 6 minutes to connect to your breath, release your hips and calm your mind will deliver a 1-2 punch for your emotional and physical health.


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