Now that summer vacations are over and everyone is back in the swing of things, take a mental check. Did you meet your summer fitness goals?

In other words, is your ass the size you meant it to be when September hit?

Before you hang your head low and head to the gym, look around you… It’s still stroller season! All you need to get in shape is your babe, your stroller, and a pair of shoes!



Our resetwithus outdoor classes are still in full swing and we’re loving the cooler temperatures and fresh, crisp breezes. The next time you and your little one head out for a walk in the sunshine, turn the walk into a workout and earn that latte!

Steal these three stroller exercises from our popular BB classes and tone that lower body while you show baby the sights. Don’t forget supportive athletic shoes and some water to stay properly hydrated – even though the temperatures are cooler, nursing mommies in particular need to be mindful of water intake.

Duck Walk: keeping hands on stroller and arms bent, spread legs wide in a sumo stance with toes and knees slightly turned out. Squat until knees form a 90-degree angle (or slightly higher if that is too difficult). Without bobbing up and down, walk forward slowly, maintaining the sumo squat position. Two steps – one left, one right – equals one rep; complete 20 reps.

Stroller Lunge:keeping hands on stroller and arms bent, step forward with left foot into a split position, with rear heel lifted. Lower yourself until both legs form 90-degree angles, pause, then press up and step forward with right foot. Two lunges – one left, one right – equals one rep; complete 10-15 reps.

Squat & Drag: stand sideways with right hand on stroller and left hand on hip or out for balance. Take a large step to the right as you push the stroller along sideways, and land in a wide stance. Squat until thighs are parallel to ground, pause briefly, then press up. As you press up, drag left foot along ground until feet are together. Step sideways with right foot again and repeat 10-15 times on each leg (turn around so left hand is on stroller in order to do left side).

Perform one set of Duck Walks, walk one minute, perform one set of Stroller Lunges, walk one minute, then perform one set of Squat-&-Drags on each foot, and walk one more minute. Repeat for 2-3 total sets. All of these exercises can easily be done without a stroller as well, if you’re the past the baby stage. To up the intensity try running a minute between sets instead of walking. Remember to walk for a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down.

You’re done. Latte time!