If you’ve got kids you know the importance of a little salesmanship when it comes to healthy foods and drinks. Unhealthy foods ALWAYS come in attractive packaging, and that’s half their power (because, really, they rarely taste half as good as they look, unless we’re talking about french fries here…)So why not use the power of attractive packaging on yourself?

Recently, a client gifted me this awesome water bottle that I had envied when she brought it to one of our workouts. I’ve been talking about it in Belly Bootcamp classes because it’s got this cool trigger-controlled spout that is perfect for someone like me who likes a lot of water but always spills it on herself with one of those boring, old twist-top water bottles. She found it at Costco, by the way, in case you’re in the market.

But the best thing about this new bottle is its look. It’s clear blue and it makes any plain ol’ water look so refreshing and pretty! Sounds silly? I have DEFINITELY been drinking more water since I started using it, mostly because my water looks so attractive in the clear blue bottle!

If a few bucks invested in a pretty new bottle makes you more likely to hydrate properly, I think you’ve made a smart purchase. A healthy lifestyle is about understanding what motivates you.

Looks matter.

Hydrate well to stay lean, healthy and well-lubricated to prevent injuries. If a pretty water bottle helps you do it, I’m all for it!