4 Guided Meditations to Kill Mom Overwhelm


4 Guided Meditations to Kill Mom Overwhelm

Take a few minutes with these guided meditations to promote a sense of calm
and help with emotional regulation. 

Today we’re not talking about a quick heart pumping workout or even a nice relaxing yoga flow. Nope, we’re talking about a mental workout. Meditation.

The M word.

Meditation basically just makes everything better. Your mindset. Your metabolism. Your mood. Your feelings about yourself and the world.

Not only has research shown that meditation helps to boost your mood, happiness and overall sense of wellbeing, but meditation has also been proven to be a super effective at: 

  • decreasing stress and anxiety
  • cultivating a deeper sense of compassion toward yourself and others
  • improving the quality of your sleep 
  • increasing your focus and cognition 
  • emotional regulation 

Now we know it’s not always easy to fit yet another thing into your day. But curling up in your bed and wishing the winter away really isn’t going to help your mental health.

And besides, research has shown that the benefits of meditation go way beyond just the mental and emotional aspects. Mediation can also help decrease pain and tension, boost your immune system and even decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease.

So yeah, we think it’s a pretty good practice to get into! 

But meditation takes practice. When we meditate, we don’t hunker down in a quiet room for 45 minutes of “om.” We use a guided meditation or even a moving yoga meditation to help clear away the clutter and focus our minds.

Meditation makes you stop worrying. It forces you to stop stressing. It allows you to stop over thinking every little thing. It’s like hitting the reset button on your brain.

And you know how we feel about a little reset. ??

Grab these 4 guided meditations – some just 5 minutes, some longer! Try using one in the morning to help set a tone for your day. Or use one just before school pickup or at your desk before leaving the office, to clear your mind and start the momming part of your day feeling energized and content.

Here are a few of our favorite free, guided mediations that you can do pretty much wherever, whenever you need a little pick me up. And don’t worry about making it perfect. It’s a practice. If you can’t finish it, that’s ok. If you only get to it once or twice per week, that’s ok.

Like everything you do for your health, some is better than none.



Help create a sense of calm and relaxation for your little ones as well, using these resources

Give it a try before bedtime and watch your little ones nod off to sleep a whole lot easier. Or do them together – they’ll help both of you, and give you a chance to connect and unwind together.

You can thank us later ?

Cosmic Kids

Bedtime Explorers

Let’s not simply just survive the last little bit of winter but actually feel more joyful and energized! We’d love to hear your experience with mediation or how these mediations felt for you. ????‍️ Comment below and share a favourite meditation/mindfulness book, podcast, website or app!

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