Pelvic Floor Release: 5 Hip Mobility Moves

Lubricate stiff hip joints and free up pelvic muscles for better movement and function with these 5 feel-good hip mobility moves.


One of the things we love about mobility training is that it generally leaves us wanting more! We can pop down for “one quick stretch” in front of Netflix, only to realize we’ve done twenty minutes of movement.

Which is GREAT because we find the older we get, the more we need to do it if we want to feel pain-free and flexible. ?

And we KNOW when it comes to stiffness, aches and pains, the hips and lower back are a hot spot for most mamas. ?

So what’s tighter for you? Upper body or lower body?

If the upper body is calling your name, try these 5 Mobility Moves to Align Your Spine!

Well, here’s a quick bit of science for you:

Your shoulder and hip are similar joints… you can think of them as needing a lot of the same movements across your day and week to stay supple:

  • moving toward and away from the body
  • moving forward and backward in space
  • rotating in circles
  • rotating inward and outward

When we’re forced to spend large portions of the day in one position (like: standing or sitting at a desk, sitting under a nursing infant, standing at a job, etc.) we don’t naturally get to shift through these different positions and joint movements.

If you’re feeling sore, stiff, weak and/or dealing with pelvic floor symptoms, it might not just be “weakness!”

Often, joint movement, or mobility, is a MAJOR focus mamas need in order to build full-body strength and core function.

(In fact, we start our 6-Week Core & Pelvic Floor Reset with a full week of just mobility training, then sprinkle it through the remaining 5 weeks.)

Mobility Training for Core and Pelvic Floor Function

It’s important to understand that the core and pelvic floor interact with virtually every other muscular and skeletal system in your body.

So, to manage these interconnected, full-body systems of pressure and balance, we want full-body solutions. ?  And the missing piece for many of us in our full-body strength and function? Mobility.

We simply can’t produce power and stability without having mobility in the tissues to express their full range of motion.

Movement, Not Posture

For a long time, posture has been a major focus in the fitness world. In many circles, the belief that we can prevent and reduce pain by holding ourselves in a “correct” posture is still common.

How often have you chided yourself for your bad mom posture? Blamed your posture for your low back pain or even your pelvic floor pressure

The position you sit or stand in for hours each day probably does matter somewhat to your overall core function and perception of stiffness and pain. However, more and more, posture’s importance has come under question.

But what matters more, it seems, is high quality full-body movement. ?‍♀️  You see, we’re simply not designed to be in one posture, “good” or not, for long periods.

In other words, you need to MOVE more. Vary your position. Challenge your joints and muscles to change their state regularly. 

So, are you ready to feel the hum of a good mobility session?

Pelvic Floor & Hip Release: 5 Mobility Exercises for Mamas

Sound ON to get the expert cues you need to explore these movements and the way they feel in your body!

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