Align Your Spine: Upper Body Mobility Workout for Moms

Fight long laptop days, phone use and postpartum posture with this feel-good routine to open up and align your breathing and core muscles.


So, quick question, mama. When’s the last time you did exercise that left you feeling like you’d just received a little massage? ?  You know, like a nice hum instead of that full-on scream of high-intensity workouts?

As busy parents, it can feel like intense exercise is the best way to counteract those long days at your computer, especially when time is short.

? But we’ve ALSO learned as we’ve gotten older and gone through birth and postpartum 5 times between us, that there’s a missing piece of the puzzle for a lot of moms when it comes to core strength and total body function.

And it’s not HIIT training, fat loss, or even ab exercises.

Mobility training is crucial to your core and pelvic floor function.

(In fact, we start our 6-Week Core & Pelvic Floor Reset with a full week of just mobility training, then sprinkle it through the remaining 5 weeks.)

Mobility Training for Core and Pelvic Floor Function

It’s important to understand that the core and pelvic floor interact with virtually every other muscular and skeletal system in your body.

So, to manage these interconnected, full-body systems of pressure and balance, we want full-body solutions. ?  And the missing piece for many of us in our full-body strength and function? Mobility.

We simply can’t produce power and stability without having mobility in the tissues to express their full range of motion.

You probably don’t have to think too hard about how your hip strength and mobility might affect your core positioning and strength.

But have you ever thought about your upper body strength and mobility, and how it relates to your core and pelvic floor?

Tension and restriction in the ribcage, spine, and shoulders don’t just feel crappy. They impede our breathing and messes with the alignment of our core muscles, possibly making symptoms of low back pain, Diastasis Recti, and/or pelvic floor dysfunction worse.

Movement, Not Posture

For a long time, posture has been a major focus in the fitness world. In many circles, the belief that we can prevent and reduce pain by holding ourselves in a “correct” posture is still common.

?  How often have you chided yourself for your bad mom posture? Blamed your posture for your low back pain or even your pelvic floor pressure

The position you sit or stand in for hours each day probably does matter somewhat to your overall core function and perception of stiffness and pain. However, more and more, posture’s importance has come under question.

But what matters more, it seems, is high quality full-body movement. ?‍♀️  You see, we’re simply not designed to be in one posture, “good” or not, for long periods.

In other words, you need to MOVE more. Vary your position. Challenge your joints and muscles to change their state regularly. 

So, are you ready to feel the hum of a good mobility session?

Align Your Spine & Core: 5 Mobility Exercises for Mamas

Sound ON to get the expert cues you need to explore these movements and the way they feel in your body!

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