Hey, we’re Dara + Laura

mamas, coffee lovers, professional trainers and old friends.

We met back when we were young trainers, sweating it out and trying to beat our bodies into submission in our twenties. We were totally drinking the get lean, hate-your-body koolaid.

And then we became mamas.

Now we’re on a mission to help mamas ditch diet culture and accept their bodies, and their lives, as they are now and start building the strength and confidence they need to live their best #momlife.


the long journey to get here

We’ve pushed ourselves to work out more and harder, exhausting ourselves and never able to stick with it long-term.

We’ve felt unsure about our core and pelvic floor muscles.

We’ve felt self conscious about the size and appearance of our bodies.

When it all comes down to it. This is what we’ve learned:

Motherhood changes everything. 

And embracing those changes is the most powerful first step toward loving your body as it is now AND making kind, loving changes to your body that help you feel stronger, healthier and more confident.

Together we’ve got a combined 40 years of experience training all shapes, sizes and genders. And after becoming mamas, we both completely shifted our fitness work to focus exclusively on mamas, each developing successful local programming for mamas in our native Toronto, Canada.

After many hikes and coffee dates, in 2018 we came together to
co-create the holistic online programming we wish we’d had as mamas all along.

Now we throw our time and our hearts into The Reset, to help other mamas feel better in their own skin, stop searching Pinterest for ab exercises and stop using “beat-down” training that leaves them emotionally and physically drained.

together we’re,
the reset

We came together to create a collaborative, full body approach to functional core training, you won’t find anywhere else! 

DARA BERGERON, Strength, Mobility + Core Expert, since 1999. Dara’s workouts use the latest science to build real-life strength with a special focus on core, posture & stamina, just what a mama needs.

LAURA WOOD, Yoga, Pilates + Core Expert, since 2007. Laura draws on the best of yoga, pilates and functional movement to keep you long, lithe and light on your feet, no yoga experience required.


some movement inspiration for you

how body acceptance improves
exercise motivation

pelvic floor release: 5 hip
mobility moves

upper body mobility workout
for moms

So many reasons why The Reset is brilliant and amazing.  I love the energy you both bring in the videos. You make me smile – your joy + lightness. Most workouts lately have left me feeling defeated; this one, I felt so awesome! 

Ash F


a bit about us


we have five kids between us


we're both small town girls at heart


we met in our early twenties working at a big box gym


we started The Reset as a side hustle in 2018


we'll take a walking work meeting anytime


did we mention we like coffee?

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