How to Do the Plank Exercise in Postpartum


How to Do the Plank Correctly in Postpartum

Let’s R E S E T your Plank to make sure you’re aligned well, engaging your core and not straining the back, shoulders or pelvic floor. Here’s how!

Ahhhh plank. The core exercise we all love to hate! ? But do you hate it because you’re making it more difficult, uncomfortable and strenuous than it needs to be? Let’s R E S E T your plank to ensure it’s strengthening your core in postpartum, whether your little one was born 6 months or 6 years ago!
The plank is a stabilizing exercise that forms the basis for other exercises like push-ups, burpees and mountain climbers. Understanding the plank and how it should feel in your body can help you engage your core better during all kinds of bodyweight workouts!

? If you’re dealing with pelvic floor symptoms or recently delivered, try these 8 Steps to the Perfect Postpartum Plank and work your way up safely and effectively!

Stay away from those crazy-long plank challenges. Instead, focus on a high-quality plank using the cues in this video.

✅ Sound ON to hear the expert cues you need to understand how plank should feel in YOUR body before your next home workout!

How to Do the Plank Properly in Postpartum

?POLL: What’s your favourite way to plank? On an incline? Side plank? Hands or forearms?


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