Use An Accountability Buddy For Home Workouts


How We Keep Each Other Accountable and Motivated

We depend on each other for both professional and personal support and now we’re sharing our accountability strategies with you!  

We’ve been friends for almost 20 years now….where the time went, we literally don’t know.

We’ve seen each other become mothers, start businesses and then became business partners just 2 years ago. Our relationship status definitely went next -level when we started working together. Just check our text message history, averaging on 10,000 texts a day give or take.✌️?

And although we’re there to cheer each other on professionally, it’s the personal support that really helps us flourish as moms, bosses and in general, just good humans.

So when we’re feeling like life is crazy (always) we check in with texts after we work out or even meet up for a “workout date” on FaceTime.

Dara filmed her end of our latest FaceTime exercise date so you could sneak a peek at part of our workout: 

We’ve been getting SOS messages from our mama friends and clients who thought by the time they were 6 weeks into this #quarantinelife they’d at least have some sort of rhythm. A little time each day to care for themselves.

And the truth is it’s HARD to be accountable to yourself when you are juggling a million balls in the air every day. It’s easy to let the self-care ball drop first because nobody but you will notice if you skip a workout or don’t wash your hair.

So here are 3 habits we recommend YOU build into your life to create accountability and help you stick to your healthy lifestyle goals!

We actually believe in these SO much that we’ve built our Mama Reset Members Site on these EXACT strategies with checklists, points + prizes, built-in community and weekly plans to keep our Mama Members feeling supported and motivated! ? Check it out here. 

1. Invite a friend or family member to a workout. 

This is one thing we do when we’re not feeling super motivated – evidence above! ? Schedule a once or twice per week recurring “appointment” – you can do your own workouts while on FaceTime to keep each other company OR take turns leading the workout and perfect your personal trainer impression!

It’s always more fun to get your sweat on with someone else. PLUS science says you’ll push yourself harder when you’re working out with a buddy or in a class – or even a follow-along exercise video!

2. Commit to daily or weekly check-ins with an app or friend.

We always recommend our clients schedule in their workouts for the week and write them down on a calendar or in their phones. There is a MUCH higher chance you’ll actually get your workout done if you slot it in versus just waiting for the time to magically appear in your schedule.

But when you share that commitment with a friend, a whatsapp group or even an app you have an extra reason to follow through – because someone else knows you’ve committed and wants to hear from you! You can check in on Sunday with that week’s plan then text each time to let your pal or group know you’ve done your workout!

We’re social creatures and we love to please. Use that people pleasing to your advantage!

3. Set a goal and challenge a friend.

Getting clear on your goal for the month with help you be more specific and realistic about when you actually can fit in a workout. 

✅ In our #MamaReset Membership, we go so far as to schedule in exactly what workouts you’ll do for the week and the month.

So instead of “I’ll workout 3 times a week,” try deciding which days at which times, and which workouts you’ll be doing. Then add it to your day planner or iCal!

And if you challenge a friend to hit HER goal for the week or month, you’ll add what we trainers call “gameification” and what you’ll call a bloodthirsty competitive streak that drives you to hit your goal more than your iCal ever could!

So there you have it.

We know you can’t physically be with your best gal pal these days but there are so many ways you can cheer each other on even from a distance!

And if you need to expand your accountability and build a lasting exercise routine, you’ll want to be on this list when the #MamaReset Membership reopens May 1! ?

Your chance to join the Mama Reset Members Site is almost here! 

We’re opening up the doors to the Mama Reset Members Site on May 1 and we can’t wait to have you join our community! With short, follow along videos, done for you workout plans and a motivating tracking system we’re doing all the prep work for you so you just have to hit play and GO! 

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