Our 5 Favourite No-Sandwich School Lunches

Lunch. Solved. Skip the same old sandwiches and stop making separate lunches for grownups and littles — everyone will LOVE these 5 make-ahead lunch recipes for kids and mamas!


Our Favorite
No-Sandwich School Lunches

We’re to help with the lunch time blahs. 5 of our favorite no sandwich lunches you and your kids will love. No cookie cutters or bento boxes required! 

Can you feel it in the air?

August truly is the “Sunday” of the summer. The sun is a little less bright, the cicadas are chirping, and it’s all got a slow, sleepy kind of feel.

The calm before the storm.

Well, soak it in mama, because the sh*t is about to hit. the. fan. ?

We’ve been summering hard, camping and day tripping and road tripping and cottaging and swimming and hiking and all the things…but we just can’t help but notice — as much as we’d like to pretend it’s not true — the “back to school” marketing is out in full swing and lunch threads are starting to pop up in our facebook moms’ groups.

On one of our recent FaceTime meetings we realized we’d both forgotten ALLLL about back-to-school shopping until we saw other mamas posting about it on social this week.

We are those moms who forget back to school shopping. ??‍???‍♀️ Thankfully, Laura’s all thrift shoppe and Dara’s all amazon prime so we’ll take whatever’s left on the shelves when we finally get around to it, probably the weekend after school starts. When we realize we forgot again.

We might suck at shopping but what we DON’T forget is food. So we thought, if your’e starting to think about back to school shopping, you might already be dreading those school lunches.

When we have dread, the first thing we do is take action.

Fight school lunch dread with these 5 fun, make-ahead lunch recipes that you and your littles can all agree on.

Make a double batch for dinner one night, then have leftovers for lunches. Or devote just an hour or two to #nodietmealprep on Sunday — it’s one of our can’t-miss weekly rituals to keep us feeling nourished and calm. You can choose a breakfast recipe and a lunch recipe to prep in advance, then sit back and feel all smug.

5 No-Sandwich School or
Office Lunches

Mediterranean Penne Pasta Salad

Fill up on healthy veggies, feta and pinenuts.


Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

Skip the canned stuff with this easy recipe.


Bean and Rice Burrito

Freezable burritos ready to be dipped in guac.


Mini Turkey Meatloaves

Rosemary and parm make for fancy finger food.


And, for a very special 5th recipe, we’ve got an exclusive, printable recipe from our 6-Week #MamaReset Program: a fan favourite, Edamame Quinoa “Fried Rice!”

?? Just click the image to get your printable PDF recipe.

Lunch. Solved.

Quinoa Fried Rice

Vegetarian protein packed takeout fakeout.


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