3 Fitness Goals NOT To Make


3 Fitness Goals Most Mamas Should NOT Make

Your health goals should make your mothering journey more fun, adventurous and rich with experience! These 3 typical “fit goals” don’t fit the bill.

We work every day and week to keep ourselves in check:

❌ not hating or hurting our bodies

? still setting goals and fulfilling our promises to ourselves.

We have a feeling you’re on the same journey, Mama!

We love goals that level up our #momlife, like:

✔️ being able to run without peeing so we can chase our kiddos

✔️ ​mastering a pushup and feeling like a total badass

✔️ ​staying active most days per week so we are energetic and pain-free.

And we hate to see mamas choosing random fitness goals without ever really thinking: Is this realistic, or even GOOD, for me right now? ?

We want YOU to choose goals that make your mothering journey and your grown up life more fun, adventurous and rich with experience!

So here are 3 extreme goals we wish more Mamas would STOP making.


1. “I am going to lose the baby weight.”

Listen, we’re not suggesting the patriarchy has indoctrinated you to think you need to lose weight, but the patriarchy has indoctrinated you to think you need to lose weight. All of life is a continuum of change and NEVER in life do we go “backward,” so why do we expect to go backward in postpartum as if we never had a baby in the first place.

But wait! I want to keep THE BABY, I just want to look as if it never happened in the first place. Um, no. If you can find an exercise program you like and eat delicious, homemade foods most of the time, plus maybe sleep and drink some water, you’re going to find your gorgeous, healthiest self staring back at you in the mirror. And she might look different from your pre-baby self. But she has A BABY. So there.


2. “I am going to run a marathon.”

This goal may be right for you if you are already a runner doing long distances, have a perfectly functioning pelvic floor & healthy joints, and have the free time to schedule several hours of running plus a few hours of strength, mobility, rehabilitation and recovery work every. single. week.

A marathon is an Olympic sport… but in the 21st century it’s become a badge of honour. If you want to marathon, marathon it up. If you’re doing it because you think you’ll drop pounds or it’s the only way to be “fit,” here’s your free pass to dial it back to a 5K or ditch running altogether if you don’t absolutely love it. There are LOTS of ways to get fit, do cardio and feel light on your feet.


3. “I am going to do a detox.”

Aaaaargh. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re not pro-diet around here. But what really drives us batty are diets masquerading as health practices or, worse, pseudo-medical methods. ? We’ve done ALLLL the vegan, paleo, gluten-free, intermittent fasting, surviving only on unicorn tears stuff in our many younger and less confident years, and we’ve learned this: In the long run, some foods feel good and some foods feel less good for each individual body.

Do you need croissants for breakfast, lunch, dinner? Probably not. Do you need to go entirely gluten-free? Also probably not. Whether it’s a detox, a Whole30, or a “challenge,” if it restricts your eating and your doctor didn’t order it to treat specific symptoms, it’s a diet. It’s designed to sell books, sell supplements, sell sponsorships, or otherwise make money off your desire to feel better about your body. *spoiler: your feelings about your body have nothing to do with gluten or celery juice.*


Now here’s one change we should ALL make.

Extreme goals and unreasonable expectations just leave you feeling frustrated and incapable…thinking YOU are the problem.

Why can’t you just run 5K a day?

Why can’t you have flat abs?

Why can’t you find the willpower to get up an hour earlier and exercise?

It’s this simple: Your goal isn’t right for you.

There could be lots of reasons why it’s not the right goal, or the right time. But the point is: you need to try something different. NOT keep beating your head against the same “I’ll start running on Monday” wall.

Which is why so many mamas have FINALLY started making progress toward their exercise goals with our short, doable #MamaReset Member workouts!

Getting regular, do-able workouts is the first step toward that “one day” marathon. It’s the first step to that rock-solid core and pelvic floor. It’s the first step toward feeling like your old self again.

So why not kick off your big goals with a small, doable workout today, mama?

Click below to grab our Core After Kids Home Workout Starter Kit packed with inspiration, tools, tips, exercises and workouts to get you started on a totally realistic home workout goal you’re going to feel REALLY good about. ?

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