Just-A-Wall Legs And Core Workout

Stay cozy at home for this butt, core and leg workout. All you need is a wall!


Just-A-Wall Legs + Core Workout

Don’t have a lot of room or equipment at home? No worries! All you need is a wall for these leg and core exercises. 

That cold weather is setting in and our “winter selves” are creeping in. You know your winter self? The self who lives in lycra and dreams of pumpkin-spice things? I mean, if occupation is nine-tenths of the law, your winter self owns that one spot on the couch.

When your winter self has her grip on you, the best strategy is to choose your battles.

Suit up for an outdoor hike? Er, maybe.

Find a wall and try a few feel-good moves to get your body moving? Totally do-able.

Get Wall Sweaty

Set a timer for 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Then complete 10 reps of each move with as much rest as you need between, or no rest/very little rest to get more of a cardiovascular workout.

Repeat as many rounds as possible with good form and alignment before your timer goes off!

Finish by stretching the muscles of your hips, glutes and legs. We’ve given you one fun stretch on the wall to get you started – you’ll find it as the 5th “exercise” in this handy little video!

The Moves

  • Wall Sit + T-clap: Slide into wall sit, back & shoulders on wall and spine neutral so bum is not tucking under. Extend arms to walls in T-shape. Inhale to prepare, then exhale to gently lift pelvic floor & draw low belly in as you clap hands in front. Inhale to return to T-shape. Stay in wall sit throughout, keeping hips/back still.
  • Hamstring Curl on Wall: Begin lying back with feet on wall, knees and hips about 90 degrees. Rest hands on floor for balance. Inhale to prepare, then exhale to gently lift pelvic floor & draw low belly in as you press big toes & heels into wall & lift hips. Squeeze bum gently at top, but keep ribcage heavy so mid back doesn’t arch.
  • V Lower + Lift: Begin lying on back with bum against wall and legs up the wall. If needed, prop a pillow under the back of your pelvis to support your back. Rest hands on floor or place on low belly to feel engagement. Inhale, lowering legs to sides with control — don’t go so far you feel your ribs flaring up off the floor or spine arching. Exhale through the mouth to draw the pelvic floor gently in & bring the hipbones in and back to engage the low belly as you close the legs.
  • Single Leg Squat on Wall: Face away, about 8-10” away from wall. Balance on left leg & extend R leg. Cross arms in front or extend to sides to help you balance. Inhale as you sit bum back & tap wall, reaching sitting bones behind you. Exhale to engage core & press standing leg into floor, bringing hips back under ribs & standing fully.

Forward Fold on Wall: (stretch, before &/or after workout) Face away, about 6-8” away from wall with feet hip-width or wider. Untuck your bum and reach sitting bones back to wall. Fold forward, keeping buttocks on wall as you descend. Knees will be slightly bent. Focus on reaching tailbone up to ceiling. Let head hang heavy.

Love cozy home workouts? Try these 10 bodyweight moves that train your core!

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