OK, let’s be honest. We HAVE TIME for exercise.

I mean, getting out to your weekly BB class is a TREAT, and it’s possible because you’re bringing your little one with you. But you don’t need to do an hour for it to be worthwhile.

And when it comes to finding 10 or 15 minutes to move those mama muscles, we’ve all got enough time.

We don’t have enough motivation. We imagine there’s only one way to “work out” and it’s gotta be jump squats, pushups, lunges and sprints until we puke.

Because that’s how you fitness, right? ?

But mamas are busy. You’re busy. And you don’t get a lot of time to yourself. So it’s H-A-R-D to go from that warm bed in the morning straight to jumping jacks. It’s medieval torture to go from the couch straight to lunges. I get it.

So start on the floor.

Start with the basics, start with the approachable stuff. Start with the feel-good floor exercises. Start with the glute bridges. Start with the stretches. Start with the child’s pose.




Sometimes we have that feeling in our bodies that we should move. We want to move. We’ve got energy, we’re tired of sitting around, maybe we’re a wee bit achey and stiff. All that momming will do that to you.

Movement would feel soooo good.

But what should you do?

Odds are you’ve got so many options you’re paralyzed with choice. DVD? Run? Pinterest workout? That squat challenge your friend shared? Or maybe a core workout? Aren’t you supposed to be doing pelvic floor work?



It’s so freaking overwhelming that even if you kinda WANTED to move your bones, now you’re so worried about what to do that you just lose all momentum and stay glued to the couch.

The truth about overwhelm is simple: It’s a reaction to too much information, and it zaps your motivation. Overthinking it stops you from making ANY progress because you’re so concerned with the BEST progress.

Stop overthinking it.

Yes, book that BB class. Yes, make a walk date with your neighbour once a week. But when you’re just trying to squeeze it in on an average, crazy day in #momlife, whatever gets you moving your body is the best choice.

And if it’s not jumping jacks or lunges today, just start. on. the. floor.

Here are 5 moves I do when I need to get off the couch or squeak in a workout with kiddos around but I just can’t decide what to do…or find the brainpower to think about it.

I start on the floor.

Then, suddenly, I feel warm and tingly. I feel good… better, even, than I did when I was just sitting around worrying about my workout. And from the floor, I stand up and I do more.

And if I don’t, I usually do more on the floor.

And if I don’t, I’m happy I at least got on the floor and did something.

So, today…. could you just start on the floor?

?? If you’re not sure whether these moves are right for you, our BB classes are the perfect place to start! Book your free Welcome Class!


Start Easy: Glute Bridge



Start easy. Just lie on your back, bend your knees and place your palms on the floor or on your low belly to feel for the engagement of your deep core. Inhale to prepare, exhale to press into your feet and lift your hips. Don’t arch your back or thrust your ribs into the air. Inhale lower fully each time. Try 10-20 or even more.

Flip Over: Down Dog to Spider Lunge


Flip over and press up to downward dog, feeling your tailbone reach to the sky. Inhale there, then exhale to draw your core gently in and swing 1 leg forward, outside of your hands. Let your heel come down and your back hip and thigh stretch. Inhale, stepping back to downward dog. Repeat, alternating sides at the pace of your breath. Try 8-12.


Work The Kinks Out: Spider Lunge + Rotation



Now just hold that last Spider Lunge on one side and breathe deeply into your hips. If you need to, place your back knee on the floor. Keep your outer hand down and stay tall in your chest and armpit, then exhale to lift your inside hand and twist open to the sky. Feel your back squeeze and your chest open. Repeat 5-10 times, then switch.

Core Time: Dead Bug



Truthfully, this whole series is doing wonders for your core. Promise. But let’s roll over and play dead. Dead bug, that is. Lie on your back with both legs up in table position and arms reaching up. If you have pelvic floor symptoms, try keeping one foot on the floor at all times. Exhale to draw your core in and extend opposite arm + leg straight. Don’t arch your back or thrust your ribs into the air. Inhale back to centre. Alternate for 10-20.

Breathe + Release: Pigeon Pose



Well done. Let’s flip over for my absolute favourite, all-in-one hip release: pigeon pose. Cross one leg in front and slide the other straight back, keeping the ankles flexed and active to protect the knees. Start by taking several breaths with hands on floor, tall in “proud pigeon.” Then crawl forward to feel the emphasis switch to the front hip and breathe deeply, holding as long as possible on each side.