3 Exercises To Help You Squat Lower

Improve your squat and strengthen your core and hips with these 3 squat drills. You’ll be squatting lower instantly!


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Squat Exercises 

These 3 exercises help trick your brain into going deeper into your squat. Deep squats help strengthen hip and pelvic floor muscles and make daily activities easier!

Watch your little one squat to play and you start to understand the purpose of the human squat. It’s not about #peachybottoms; it’s all about being able to move and live the way you want to.

When you squat low and well, you strengthen your core and hip muscles to move for you in all the ways you need them: getting on and off the floor, climbing, walking and running, reaching and bending, and playing and #momming.

Plus, there’s just something really badass about a nice, low squat. It feels powerful in a primal way…maybe it has something to do with our squatting-to-birth ancestors or bringing us back to our squatting in the sandbox roots.

Simply trying to squat lower doesn’t always do the trick, so here are 3 squats to include in your weekly workouts.

These squat drills will automatically help your brain teach your hips to squat lower. Ta-da!

Don’t forget to tag us on social when you try them! We love to see your sweaty selfies.

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