How To Manage Body Image Anxiety At Social Events


How to Manage Body Image Anxiety at Social Events

Fall and winter are full of tons of get-togethers… parties, corporate events, holidays, school breaks, family dinners, family apple picking, family photos, even family getaways with the grandparents and *eeep* in-laws.

Lots. Of. Family.

And let’s face it… Not all family encounters are positive. Sometimes well-meaning, or not so well-meaning, relatives and friends might have comments about your body, your exercise level, or your diet.

Not to mention the comments on your house, your parenting and your kids’ behaviour. Blarrrghhhh….

Maybe you’ve got the world’s most supportive relatives. (We hope you do!)

But maybe you’ve got that friend who just can’t stop comparing notes on workouts and diets, making you feel like you’re under a microscope or have something to prove. ?

Or maybe you’ve got a holiday party coming up this winter and you’re sure nobody will ACTUALLY comment on your body but you’re feeling self-conscious about the way you look, if it’s been a while since you’ve seen some of your friends, relatives and colleagues?

We can’t make your relatives be nicer or make your old friend stop pushing her keto diet on you.

But we can say: Hey, it’s not cool for others to make you feel badly about your body.

So if you’ve got anxiety about upcoming social situations and your body image, we want you to hear this.

?? (And scroll down for a fun little phone wallpaper to make you feel strong and proud every time you check the time, or the ‘gram, because we can all use a little boost to help us brainwash ourselves for the better!)

Use Reframing and Affirmations to Quash Body Image Anxiety Before Social Gatherings

Save this wallpaper to your phone, then set it as your lock screen so you can be reminded just how AWESOME you are, throughout the day!

And if you’re looking for a way to shift your body image narrative and promote self acceptance join our 5 Day Body Image Reset Challenge and get 5 days of email prompts with easy and tangible acts each day. Start today! 

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