A 5 Minute Workout even a Mom has Time For 

The perfect 5 Minute Energy-Boosting-Workout that gets your
endorphins flowing and muscles pumping.

Truth bomb. You know the real reason we got into short workouts?

Our clients kept coming back to us, week after week, feeling crappy because they legitimately couldn’t make the time for 30 or 40 minutes of exercise on a regular basis.

Not only were they not getting as much movement as their bodies craved, but they also felt shitty about themselves for not living up to the expectations they’d set, or we’d set for them. ??‍♀️

This was an interesting observation for a couple of reasons:

  1. Personally, this resonated because we knew from our own experience we could have stretches of time in our lives where making space for a half hour of exercise just wasn’t in the cards.
  2. Logically, we knew we could blow an hour on Insta or Netflix LIKE A BOSS… so, while the feeling that we “can’t make time” was a real and honest feeling, it didn’t jive with our self-awareness about how we were truly spending our time.

Less can make more

The mindset shift happened when we just started expecting less.

That’s right.

We asked for less. Less of our clients, less of ourselves.

And we got more.

More consistency. More mobility. More strength. More body positivity. More pelvic floor engagement.

❌ Not by doing bigger workouts.

✔️ By doing smaller workouts with more consistency.

The magic of small workouts

When we started allowing ourselves and our clients to schedule and feel successful for just doing 10-15 minute workouts, three incredible things started happening:

? We’re more active, more days of the week! Instead of 1 or 2 longer workouts, we found we were able to manage 4-5 or more short workouts, plus have energy for active play, walking, hiking, etc. This regularity and consistency is a HUGE shift for the body and helps maintain truly mobile joints and tissues, including your core and pelvic floor.

? We started feeling successful and better about our bodies! Finally, we were living up to, or even exceeding, the workout goals we’d set for ourselves. We started looking at our bodies with more appreciation and respect. We learned the power of a short workout to make us feel strong, connected and refreshed and we started craving that post-workout feeling as we built the new habit of regular, short workouts.

? We were surprised to find that we wanted to do MORE! At the end of 10 or 15 minutes, we felt sweaty and tingly with energy… and then we found ourselves thinking, “Hey, I’m already sweaty! I could do a few more minutes.” Just committing to the initial 10 minutes would often lead to tacking a few more exercises, throwing in some extra glute work or doing a great, long stretch session we otherwise never would have made time for.


That last reason is the whole concept behind the 5-Minute Finishers on our new #MamaReset Members Site.

Our member workouts are all perfectly mom-sized at 10 – 30 minutes, and they’re all categorized by time for easy surfing. While we do send three suggested workouts each Monday to make for a well-rounded week, our mamas can also pop in at any time, and choose a workout that’s 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 20-30 minutes to suit their schedule and mood that day! ??

It probably comes as no surprise that the 10 and 15-minute workouts are SUPER popular with our members.

But we know that the magic comes in pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. That’s where a concentrated few minutes at the end of your workout with more intense releases or a great cardio challenge can really take your fitness to the next level… in just moments.

Cap off a workout or use as a stand alone 5 minute movement break, when even ten minute seems impossible. 

?Try this super simple Cardio AMRAP?

It’s sized perfectly for social media so you can challenge your mama friends on IG and see who can get the most rounds.

With good form and an engaged core, of course. ??‍???‍♀️ We’re into super sweaty fun, but we’re still the same old Laura + Dara.

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