Are you ready to stop feeling sore, tired and down on yourself? Ready to stop putting off workouts until “next Monday?” Ready to stop paying for takeout because you can’t find the time to meal plan?

✨ Imagine you could reset your core, your strength and endurance, your nutrition and your mindset all at the same time. 

✨ Now what if you could do it all in a body positive, inclusive community of fellow mamas and be part of something truly special?  

✨ Now imagine you could do it all under the personal guidance of women’s fitness, postpartum health and core/pelvic floor experts? 

✨ Then imagine you could do it all online, from home, without equipment or experience and no matter your fitness level. 

Stop Imagining & Join Us – It’s Called Mama Reset!

?? Everything you need to know is right up there in that little video!

The Last Program You’ll Need For A Long Time

If you’re ready to hit the Reset Button on your life and start feeling powerful, prepared and positive, you can get all the details and save your spot here!

Each week you’ll receive: 

  • 2 follow-along strength training videos with real mama models

  • a core and pelvic floor retraining module with live, follow along videos

  • 5 delicious, family friendly printable recipes plus a weekly nutritional focus and resources to help you plan, prep and eat better than ever

  • weekly walking goals or cardio “booster” workouts

  • a flexible workout schedule with regular check ins and accountability to keep you on track

  • mindfulness and journalling prompts and a restorative yoga pose to promote healing and relaxation

  • access to our Facebook community with exclusive guest expert webinars and direct contact with us, your fellow mamas and coaches! 

Mama Reset is only open until September 26! Don’t miss your chance.

As soon as you join us, we’ll email you to say hello and add you to our exclusive online Facebook community so you can get to know your new squad and start getting organized right away!

See you on the inside, mamas!


Laura + Dara