2 Full Body Ladder Workouts for
Mega Efficiency

Combat brain overload with these 2 straightforward workouts that get you
in the zone without too much thinking.

Don’t you ever just want someone else to do all the thinking for you?

Um, we know. ??‍???‍️✨ This is exactly why we’re launching the Mama Reset Member Site this fall! We know if you’re spending 20 minutes scouring YouTube for a yoga video, you’re not gonna be that consistent. So we’re doing all the planning for you, so you just hit play on the weekly featured workouts and get moving. You can get notified when it opens – check it out!

This week in our beta test of the #MamaReset Member Site, our beta squad got a brand new workout video, taught by Dara: a Leg + Shoulder Ladder Workout.

You’re probably wondering what the heck that is.

It’s ok. We’ll explain, but what you need to know about this kind of workout is that it is MADE for Mamas because it’s sooooo simple.

Mental exhaustion is real. Being the gate keeper for a family is draining. Trying to think for a million different people. Keeping track of all those appointments and playdates. Remembering who likes what vegetable and who won’t eat that fruit. Housework and finances. Blaaaarghhhhh….

Your workout shouldn’t add to your stress. When you know you need to move, but you don’t know what to do, here’s your new go-to!

How to:

A “Ladder” in exercise-speak means doing increasing, or sometimes decreasing reps of an exercise.

For example, you might do 8 reps, then 12 reps, then 15 reps in three subsequent sets of pushups, changing your position as you go to make the longer sets possible by setting yourself on a higher incline, working from your knees, etc.

But we love to do an Inverse Ladder and make it into an all-in-one workout. In an “Inverse Ladder” we combine two exercises, usually one upper body and one lower body.

  • one exercise starts at the bottom of the ladder, say 2 reps
  • one exercise starts at the top the ladder, say 12 reps
  • on the first set, you do Exercise A x 2 reps and Exercise B x 12 reps, then on the next set you do Exercise A x 3 reps and Exercise B x 11 reps, then on the third set it’s A for 4 reps and B for 10 reps, and so on until you end at the inverse ration: the final set will be Exercise A for 12 reps and Exercise B for 2 reps. (Trainer tip: the reps will always add up to the same total; in this case, it’s 14.)

See? Simple. Two exercises. Only about 10-15 minutes.

Really hits you.

The perfect workouts for days when your brain needs
something uncomplicated and energizing!
And then of course…coffee.


This can be your new go-to “don’t know what to do” workout!

So, go ahead! Just choose two exercises you like and combine them — one with increasing reps and one with decreasing reps. ?? Pushups and walking lunges. ?? Step ups and biceps curls. The possibilities are almost infinite.

But, in case you want to think about it EVEN LESS, we’ve designed two awesome combos for you. ?Screenshot this blog or jot them down in your calendar for next week!

Ladder #1

?? Kneel to squat + punch: start at 2 reps, increasing to 10 reps by final set.

?? Overhead press: start at 10 reps, decreasing to 2 reps by final set.

Kneel to squat + dumbbell punch

Begin in tall kneel, holding dumbbells or cans. Step 1 foot, then the other foot forward as you exhale into a squat. Pause and punch each arm forward once. Return to kneeling. Alternate the leading leg.

Standing overhead press

Grip dumbbells or cans at shoulder-height, athletic stance. Exhale to draw core in and press overhead. If this feels too challenging, try kneeling or sitting to do your presses.

Ladder #2

?? Wall sit + side raise: start at 2 reps, increasing to 10 reps by final set.

?? Squat + dumbbell leg pass: start at 10 reps, decreasing to 2 reps by final set

Wall sit + Side raise

Grip dumbbells or cans at sides and squat with back + shoulders on wall and knees about 90 degrees. Don’t tuck bum under. Exhale to draw core in and raise arms to sides, to shoulder-height.

Squat + leg pass

Hold one dumbbell or can, athletic stance. Inhale to squat low and pass the dumbbell under one leg, from one hand to the other. Exhale as you drive up to stand. Repeat, alternating legs on each rep.

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