We’re just days away from the big launch and we have the winners of the 3 FREE copies of Mama Reset! 

Thank you to all of you for completing our survey, and sharing your insight and feedback with us. We took all of what you had to say to heart and you’ve given us some awesome direction to continue fine-tuning #MamaReset before we launch. 

Our Survey Winners

Okay, okay, enough is enough. We know you’re dying to find out if you won! So, drumroll please…



You lucky mamas get to come along on the Mama Reset journey with us for free!

But don’t panic.

If you didn’t win, you’re still on the inside track. You’re going to get the chance to be the FIRST #MamaReset squad, and score some never-again launch pricing and one-on-one support from us.

Let us give you a little glimpse into what to expect, and what you told us you want & DON’T want from an online program for mamas!

Sit back and give us just a few moments to tell you who we are & what Mama Reset is all about!

The Mama Reset Difference

How could you NOT be in?

Stay tuned tomorrow morning and don’t miss your chance to get your own Mama Reset and make this your best, healthiest & happiest summer ever!

Got any questions for us? We really want to hear from you. Just email us at hey@resetwithus.ca or chat with us on Instagram @themamareset!