We know that committing to a 60 minute yoga practice or workout, whether or at home or the studio, is basically a DREAM for a lot of moms, not something easily attainable. 

Dedicating time for you to exercise and move your body is absolutely wonderful and sometimes it’s just a matter of putting things in place so you can ,make it happen. But we love it when we hear that our clients using little chunks of time throughout their day to do movement.

20 minutes during baby’s nap time. 10 minutes at the end of the day. A 20 minute power walk on your lunch break.

 Not only does it make it easier to commit to shorter time frames it also ensures that you get a little bit of movement throughout your day. 

Well here’s a short and sweet movement practice to wake up your legs, glutes and the muscles around your hips. A little bit of stretching and then some great strength work. You’ll feel a little more grounded, balanced, and energized to take on the rest of your day!