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Week 1: Nourish


Time management. It’s a thing.

We know life is crazy. It might seem like there’s no possible way to make MORE time for cooking.

But wait. Who’s talking about MORE time? We just want you to shift WHEN you do your planning and cooking.

Borrow Time

Instead of scrambling to find something for lunch or wasting money on crummy grocery store salads;

Instead of rifling through the pantry at 6PM trying to come up with some new, healthier way to serve pasta;

Instead of ordering in pizza because you didn’t have a plan for soccer night;

Instead of devoting 30-60 minutes each evening cooking from scratch instead of cuddling and relaxing;

Plan + prep. It’s that simple.

Multitasking Munchables

Meal prep gets easier the more you do it.

You might see those #mealprep Instagram fitness celebs portioning out perfectly weighed and measured components into single serve meal trays, lugging them in coolers wherever they go and generally shaping their lives around chicken breasts and broccoli.

That’s not the kind of meal prep we’re talking about here.

We want your meals to be shaped around your life, not the other way around. That’s exactly why we want you to use recipes that serve multiple purposes and learn a few basics you can throw together in a flash.

The Best Eating Plan

We’ve gathered a few go-to recipes that are perfect multi-taskers.

Then we’ve created a sample week of healthful meals to show you how something like a quick pasta or simple chicken breast can be used in different ways to minimize the number of recipes you need to prep in advance, and keep cooking time quick — or non-existent — each weekday.


Because making this whole thing work for YOU is the only way you’re going to stick with it, mama.

There is no such thing as a perfect eating plan. Or a perfect workout.

The best way to eat and move healthfully is to find the way that works for YOU, consistently, so you can maintain these habits in the long run.

Basically, at the end of 6 weeks, you shouldn’t even need us anymore.

Leave the nest, little birdie!

How To Do It

Ready to give it a go?

Grab your five “starter” recipes to begin your meal prep collection. You’ll notice these recipes aren’t the fanciest ones you’ve ever seen, but that’s because basics are the things we ACTUALLY make most of the time. They’re the canvas for your sauces + condiments + food combinations that are part of your family’s unique eating culture.

  1. Have a look at how we’ve combined recipes in the weekly meal plan.

  2. Then hop over to the Nourish + Reflect Planner to build a weekly schedule that multi-tasks like your sample meal plan does! Change whatever suits your schedule or tastes.

  3. Finally, create your prep & shopping list, thinking about which additional items you’ll need to help get mileage out of something basic like a chicken breast or a bowl of overnight oats.

Try other basic mix-&-match items like:

  • a big pot of rice or quinoa for lunch grain bowls and dinner side dishes on the fly (simply adding frozen peas, chopped herbs, or a simple condiment can help mix up the flavour each meal)

  • a double batch of meatballs for pasta dinner and meatball subs or sweet & sour meatballs later in the week

  • a big batch of BBQ salmon or chicken for lunches, with leftovers added to pasta + jarred pesto one weeknight

We’ll be sharing recipes on the #MamaReset Facebook Community, so be sure to hop on over and grab a few more new recipes from your #MamaReset squad! You can also share your weekly plan below OR send us an email to let us know what you will be making this week.

Here we go!

Week 1 Sample Meal Plan
week 1 RECIPES

PLan, Prep and Reflect

You gotta cook. There’s no getting around it.

We’re going to teach you how to cruise through your weeks feeling cool as a cucumber instead of stressed as a….OK, we can’t think of a stressed out vegetable but THIS ?? pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

But we also know your brain needs to be on board with your new routines, so we’ve included some very simple mindset elements in your weekly planning routine.

We ALL need positive reinforcement. Checking in daily to acknowledge what IS going well — even if that’s as simple as getting a hot cup of coffee and breakfast in before school drop-off — and reflecting on your successes is not woo-woo pop psychology; it’s a research-based, effective way to keep your motivation up and your progress ticking along.

How To

Each Friday, we’ll send you the next week’s nutrition focus and this lovely little printable Nourish + Reflect Planner.

All you have to do? Plan a few basic recipes you can prep in advance on Sunday — or maybe Monday if you’re a SAHM and that’s a quieter day.


  • smoothie ingredients in ziplock bags ready for breakfasts,

  • chicken burgers prepped to grab for lunches on an English muffin or salad,

  • hard boiled eggs + pre-chopped veggies for quick snacks,

  • healthy-ish muffins ready for when your sweet tooth strikes,

  • a pot of quinoa to make lunchtime bowls +/or side dishes for BBQ’d proteins at dinner,

  • a big batch of meatballs for lunch protein on the go and a pasta dinner one busy weeknight.

You get the idea.

We’ll be checking in with you in the #MamaReset community to share ideas and keep you on track.

Start simple. The same breakfast each day is just fine! You can try something new next week.

Step by step: Nourish

  1. First, just download and print these two handy worksheets.

  2. Use your Weekly Nourish + Reflect Planner to plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day. Include a pizza night or meal out where you like!

  3. Scan your fridge + pantry to create the shopping list you need for your plan.

  4. Decide which items you can prep in advance on Sunday to cruise through the week and ensure you’ve got healthy items pre-made so takeout and quick processed foods don’t even enter your mind! Use the Meal + Prep Planner to keep your food prep + shopping list in one, tidy place.

Step by step: Reflect

  1. Stick your planner on the fridge so you can stay on top of your plan all week.

  2. Over the weekend, reflect on something that went well last week. What was one WIN?

  3. Then, set an intention for one aspect of the #MamaReset program or one habit in your own life you’d like to zero in on next week.

  4. Throughout the week, take a moment each day to jot down something you’re grateful for to help keep your brain tuned in to the positive.

Get ready to have your best week ever!

Plan + Reflect PDF

Prep + Shop PDF


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