Restore: Week 6, Release

RESTORE: Release

This week’s pose is the perfect antidote to hunching while carrying and feeding babies or working on your computer or phone all day! Basically it’s the perfect compliment to the modern mamas lifestyle!

Supported bridge helps to create length in the front of your body, releasing tension in the hips and chest. We promise it will feel so good!

Because this pose is a gentle inversion (meaning your head is lower than your hips) it is an incredibly grounding and relaxing pose and helpful if you’re feeling anxious.



What you need:

  • a yoga block/folded up blanket/or stack of books

The Set Up:

Lying down on the floor, lift your bum up and place a support under your tailbone. If using a yoga block, the medium height will probably work best but use whatever height feels the best for you.

Allow your pelvis to tilt toward your head slightly to increase the stretch in the front of the legs and hip joints. Check that the back of your neck is long and relax your jaw, neck and shoulders and allow your head and upper back to feel heavy on the ground below you.

Allow your breathe to easily flow in and out. Rest here for up to 5 minutes. When you come down off the block it may feel good to sway the knees side to side or hug them up toward you.


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