Restore: Week 4, Release

RESTORE: Release

Week Four Restorative Pose: Legs up the Wall

This pose is all about grounding and as mamas we often feel pulled in a million different directions and busy watching over everyone and everything. Well, this pose provides you with the opportunity to finally let go and be supported.

A few of the physical benefits of legs up the wall pose are:

  • relieves tired, achy feet and legs

  • reduces tension/stiffness in the lower back and hips

  • promotes blood flow and circulation

  • releases tension in the back of the legs and the pelvic floor

This pose is wonderful in the evening, as way to relax and chill out, or would be a wonderful compliment to your core workouts to either start or finish.



What you need:

  • a wall

  • a blanket (optional)

The Set Up:

Sit at the wall with your hip and shoulder against the wall. Slowly lower yourself down onto your side and let your legs swing up the wall. Your bum may be right at the edge of the wall or slightly further away, either is totally fine. Wherever you are, feel the weight at the base of the tailbone so there is a slight and gentle arch in your low back.

Feel free to place a blanket under your head to keep the back of your neck long and your ribs anchored. Your arms can rest anywhere that feels comfortable.

Rest in this pose for 5-10 minutes. Taking a break by bending your knees in toward you if it becomes too much or if your feet start to tingle.

Variation: Allow your legs to open up into a “V” allowing your inner thighs to receive a stretch. See if you can maintain a slight arch in your lower back.

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