Restore: Week 4, Core


Core Component #2

Your new Core Component builds on the exercises from Week 1 & 2.

So far, you’ve been working on foundational core exercises that focus on creating support around the pelvis and spine. The exercises in your Core Component #2 are sure to challenge your core muscles even more. Remember to focus on maintaining stability and find a connection to your core muscles just before you start moving.

Feel free to stick with the exercises from Core Component #1 until you feel ready for more challenge.

Signs that an exercise is too challenging for you right now:

  • your back arching as you move

  • your pelvis tucking under as you move

  • your belly pushing outward, bulging

  • a sense of bearing down or heaviness in the pelvic floor

  • holding your breath and not able to breathe comfortably through the exercise

Get Ready:

You will need:

  • a towel, small blanket or pillow (optional)

Total time: about 10 minutes

Core Component #2 PDF