NOURISH + REFLECT: Introduction

The Nourish pillar includes weekly nutrition lessons plus recipes and templates to help you build the life-changing habit of meal planning and prepping.

Your Nourish + Reflect curriculum is concentrated on weekends:

Each week we’ll focus on a different nutrition habit that’s crucial to maternal and children’s health. We’ll send you six recipes emphasizing your lesson of the week, and combine those recipes with other common foods in your weekly meal plan.

But we also know your brain needs to be on board with your new routines, so we’ve included some very simple mindset elements in your weekly planning routine.


  1. First, go back to the Week One: Nourish lesson and spend a few minutes reading the weekly lesson.

  2. Use your Weekly Nourish + Reflect Planner to plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day. Include a pizza night or meal out where you like!

  3. Scan your fridge + pantry to create the shopping list you need for your plan.

  4. Decide which items you can prep in advance on Sunday to cruise through the week and ensure you’ve got healthy items pre-made so takeout and quick processed foods don’t even enter your mind! Use the Meal + Prep Planner to keep your food prep + shopping list in one, tidy place.

Add your family’s favourite big batch recipes and try other basic mix-&-match items. Think:

  • smoothie ingredients in ziplock bags ready for breakfasts,

  • chicken burgers prepped to grab for lunches on an English muffin or salad,

  • hard boiled eggs + pre-chopped veggies for quick snacks,

  • healthy-ish muffins ready for when your sweet tooth strikes,

  • a pot of quinoa to make lunchtime bowls and side dishes for dinner,

  • a big batch of meatballs for lunch protein on the go and a pasta dinner one busy weeknight.

?? Remember: keep it simple! The same breakfast every weekday is OK. Over the course of these 6 weeks you’ll get better and better at this routine. Promise!


  1. Stick your planner on the fridge so you can stay on top of your plan all week.

  2. Over the weekend, reflect on something that went well last week. What was one WIN?

  3. Then, set an intention for one aspect of the #MamaReset program or one habit in your own life you’d like to zero in on next week.

  4. Throughout the week, take a moment each day to jot down something you’re grateful for to help keep your brain tuned in to the positive.

Get ready to have your best week ever!

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