RESTORE: Introduction

The Restore Pillar encompasses our restorative efforts toward better alignment, core and pelvic floor function, and a supported physical self ready for all the obstacles #momlife can throw at you!

Your Restore curriculum consists of two components sent every Tuesday:

  • one biweekly Core Component training video

  • one weekly Restore pose to help you release tight core muscles which might prohibit you from achieving optimal alignment and strength

You will work on the same Core Re-training video for 2 weeks so you have time to develop a strong awareness and connection to your deep core muscles before you add on more challenging movements. Try adding the Restore pose as a post-workout release/stretch as often as possible, or enjoy a nice, long quiet release in the evening or weekends.

We recommend you aim to complete your Core Component video twice in each week, if possible. You can use it as a warmup before strength or cardio, and even sneak it in during evening TV time, after your morning walk or on the weekend when little ones are busy. Frequent, small bouts of activity will always trump long, occasional efforts.

?? A quick note: your Core Component video should feel relatively “easy” before progressing to the next level. If you still feel challenged by Core Component #1, continue practicing that until you are ready to move to #2. As with all aspects of Mama Reset, you should tailor this to your own body and needs.

⭐️ Before proceeding, we recommend you treat yourself to this Guided Core Breathing Video during Week 1, to start building awareness and connection to your core muscles. You may return to this for a refresher whenever you like.