MOVE: Introduction

Your weekly MOVE curriculum consists of:

  • One foundational strength training video (Monday)

  • One supportive mobility and strength video (Wednesday)

  • One cardio booster or walking goal (Thursday)

(Each Tuesday, we’ll direct you to your Core Restore component.)

We recommend you perform each workout at least ONCE per week. You may choose to do more than one strength and mobility workout each week, alternating them as you go.

?? Remember: Mama Reset is designed to be mix-&-match so you can customize the program to YOUR needs and schedule!

You can add more walking or repeat your cardio booster if you’re looking for even more of a push. You may also choose active rest, simply doing your regular household tasks and childcare, or perhaps a simple stroll to the playground and a few stretches, if that feels right.

We’ve included a sample workout plan below to inspire you!

?? One last note: Don’t feel pressured to use EVERY component, every week. You’ll have an armoury of workouts to use after these 6 weeks are done, and we have 6 weeks to practice putting together the #MamaReset workouts!

Check in on the Mama Reset Community to commit to your weekly workout schedule and ask any questions!