MOVE: Walking

Let’s get moving!

We’re big fans of using walking as a great way to get your body moving and an easy way to fit more movement into your day… and whether you’re a new mama or have older kids we could all use more movement in our daily routine!

Whether you’re choosing to focus on walking or combining walking and our at-home Cardio Boosters, the trick is to see all the POSSIBILITIES for movement and understand that every little bit adds up!

You don’t have to head out for a 5KM hike to make walking an effective part of your exercise routine.

Make Moments For Walking

Here are some ideas to sprinkle movement breaks throughout your day:

  • Try a 20-minute walk on your lunch break from work.

  • Take the long way home on the way back from school drop-off or pick-up

  • Do your weekend errands on foot when possible

  • Break up grocery shopping into several smaller trips and walk for a few items every day or two.

  • Get off the subway or bus a few stops early and walk the last little bit on your way to work

  • Head out for a family “urban hike” on the weekend with a new lunch spot or cafe as your half-way destination

  • Find a new hiking trail and use a sturdy carrier for babies and preschoolers

  • Meet a friend for a walk-&-tea in the evening.

Stay inspired

We’ve got 6 weeks of walking goals planned out to help you get from simply moving more to building endurance and feeling unstoppable!


Save these Weekly Walking Goals to keep you inspired each week of your 6-Week Mama Reset.

Download a PDF version to keep on the fridge and track walking days here.