#MMR Day 1 Workout

#MiniMamaReset: MOVE

today’s focus:

MOVE. Today, we want you to get moving with big, loose movements that wake up your joints and get your heart rate up for a few enlivening minutes!

You’ll need:

  • Yoga mat

  • Two cans or light dumbbells

Considerations for recovery:

Mamas with Diastasis Recti +/or pelvic floor symptoms might choose the following options:

  • Wall caterpillar instead of floor caterpillar

  • Pulse instead of hop

Congratulations, mama! You did it. Now don’t forget to head to Instagram to find us and share your success with the hashtag #MiniMamaReset so we can cheer you on!

This is just a TASTE — a somewhat silly, laid back and FUN TASTE — of the movement portion of our signature #MamaReset program: 6 weeks to reset your core, total body strength, nutrition and mindset.

You can stop googling
“postpartum workouts”

Our #mamareset member site launches this september, with an incredible database of 10-20 minute workouts and a brand new workout and weekly plan sent to you each monday-for less than the price of a chi-chi yoga class.

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Retrain Your Body.

Recharge Your Mind.

Reset Your Life.

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