Thanks, Mama!

Thanks, Mama!

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5 things you’ll never hear us say as body neutral coaches

Having worked in this industry for almost 20 years, from time to time we're reminded of things we've said while teaching classes or working with clients that are just, as the...

Do you *really* need to do cardio?

We’ve all heard the benefits touted for cardiovascular training but is it really necessary to healthy living or just an outdated fitness myth? 

How Body Acceptance Improves Exercise Motivation

We all struggle with motivation sometimes, but shifting your mindset to a place of acceptance might just be the ticket to a newfound love for exercise!

Pelvic Floor Release: 5 Hip Mobility Moves

Lubricate stiff hip joints and free up pelvic muscles for better movement and function with these 5 feel-good hip mobility moves.

Align Your Spine: Upper Body Mobility Workout for Moms

Fight long laptop days, phone use and postpartum posture with this feel-good routine to open up and align your breathing and core muscles.

3 Quick Fixes for Momlife Pain

You don’t need a full workout to get relief for tight, underused hip and back muscles. These 3 solutions will help you almost instantly!

How to Do Downward Dog in Postpartum

MOVEHow to Do the Downward Dog Pose in PostpartumLet's R E S E T your Downward Dog to get the most from this hip- and leg-opening yoga pose found in so many home workouts and...

How to Do the Dead Bug Exercise in Postpartum

MOVEHow to Do the Dead Bug Exercise in PostpartumLet's R E S E T your Dead Bug to get the best core strengthening effects from this classic abdominal exercise!It's not just a...

All-Glutes Workout to Cure Your Mom-Butt

MOVEFire Up and "Feel" Your Glutes With This #MomButt WorkoutGet ready to feel your glutes fired up like never before as Dara & Laura share SIX of their fave glute exercises...

Why you’re extra stiff and sore in the pandemic

RESTOREWhy your hips and back are tighter than ever in the pandemicWe sat down with Mama & Physiotherapist Chana Ross to learn how the pandemic and work-from-home life are...