Not just sugar-free, oil-free and vegan too! And because we’re all about balance here at BB, use that saved up sugar and fat quota for a hot cup of coffee with cream & maple syrup to go with this dense, satisfying banana bread.

Treats are awesome! Treats help break up the monotony of dutifully burning through that crisper of veggies until it’s Friday and all you’ve got is one dying head of cauliflower and half an onion. Scheduling pizza night or going out for ice cream are pleasures to look forward to and they are proven to help maintain healthfulness the rest of the time. After all, that’s the basis of the old 80/20 rule.

Lucky for us, some healthy foods just happen to taste like treats. Case in point: bananas. Their natural sweetness is delicious and comforting. Fruit-based “treats” are equally at home on the breakfast table as they are as an after-dinner dessert with a soothing cup of tea.

Need to use up some bananas? Try this addictive peanut butter banana “monkey bread!”

BB trainer Amy Ringrose shared this recipe from her personal family faves! She suggests you get  individual loaf tins from the dollar store or department store and make individual sizes perfect for lunch boxes or a mid morning snack.

Chopped pecans are lovely sprinkled on top before you bake! Just omit if you’re sending them to daycare/school.

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