Sore. Stressed. Stiff. Sounds like motherhood, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to.

The truth is, most of us don’t spend nearly enough time on self-care to combat all the stressors in our mama lives. Think career, kiddo milestones or homework – depending on which stage you’re at – and family politics…not to mention housework, social media, parent council, workouts, and maybe even a side hustle if you’re the ambitious type.

It’s a lot to juggle. And we tend to drop a few balls — self-care and rest being one of the first to fall.

This week, on #WholeMama Wednesday, Dr. Aliya Visram, Chiropractor/Acupuncturist and mama of two,  explains why mamas need help relieving stress & pain, and shares 3 powerful acupressure points we can use daily to calm our nervous systems, ease muscle function and optimize health.

“We see too many mamas in overdrive.”

Being stressed is a part of #momlife. After all, there’s puke. And poop. Sleepless nights. Money. In-laws. Work. Everyone gets stressed sometimes.

Being stressed every day, day after day, isn’t normal, though. It starts with laying awake at night worrying. Then there are tight shoulders. Stress headaches. The long term? Higher chances of blood pressure and heart problems, weight gain, chronic pain, even cancer.

“It’s actually older than modern medicine.”

This stuff works. And you can get started right now, wherever you are.

Dr. Aliya shows us how to use these traditional healing therapies on ourselves and shares her tips for calming your nervous system to optimize health.


 Stay tuned next week for another #WholeMama Wednesday video.

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