Other than giggles and a lot of baby chat, what happens at a prenatal Belly Bootcamp class? Our good friend and fave geek, Kat Inokai of the Bump & Hustle, visited us during her second pregnancy  to find out all about prenatal exercise and, of course, prenatal Belly Bootcamp. Check it out!

BB founder Dara Bergeron outlines what to expect in a prenatal workout, what the warning signs are while exercising during pregnancy, what you should eat before your workout, and more!



The BB mommies pictured are of various stages of pregnancy and postpartum and are doing modified versions of BB exercises according to their stages, symptoms and fitness level. Each participant’s workout is tweaked, as needed, week by week. That’s part of what makes BB so special! Please do not use this video as the basis of your own prenatal exercise program. Please consult with your midwife or obstetrician before starting a pregnancy or postnatal exercise program and always listen to your body!

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