Spend a month appreciating your strong, gorgeous, capable Mom Bod, inside & out, with our #MomBodLove photography challenge. Play along, soak up the feel-good vibes, and maybe WIN a body-loving $500 prize!




It’s Mother’s Day, a day to reflect on the changes, challenges, and rewards of motherhood. This journey is wonderful, but complicated. While we cherish our little ones, we sometimes forget to honour ourselves and the physical and emotional strength that makes this whole motherhood thing happen.

So I’m kicking off a practice of self-love this Mother’s Day. And I want you to join me.

I’m dedicating the next 30 days to loving this Mom Bod of mine. I want to accept and love my body from head to toe, for all it’s done, all it continues to do, and all it will do in the future for me and my little ones.

Who’s with me?




It’s the best 30-day challenge you’ll ever take. Simply share photos of yourself and your life with the #MomBodLove prompts featured below. That’s it. No squats ’til you puke (unless you like that sort of thing). Just you, and me, and all of us, in our realness.


1. Follow us on Instagram.

2. Check in each day for the challenge… click on the photo above to save it to your phone and keep the challenge with you all the time for inspiration! Snap a pic (or share a throwback if it feels right) for each #MomBodLove prompt. Show us your camera skills, or just what’s in your heart.

3. Every post you share and tag @bellybootcamp & #MomBodLove earns you an entry into the HUGE draw!

4. You can earn an extra 2 ballot entries for sharing the main #MomBodLove image above, and helping us spread the word about self-compassion and body positivity for mamas.

Use your creativity, share a lot or share a little. Tell us what that word means to you & YOUR #MomBodLove. Reflect, appreciate, and love yourself for 30 days with us.




One lucky winner will be selected randomly to win a HUGE wellness prize package that will give you the push (OK, shove) you need to reach for your health & wellness goals.

  • 12-months of personalized meal planning, recipes and nutritionist support from Nourish & Glow.(value: $120)
  • Personalized at-home or in-studio training session with Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga & Pilates Expert Laura Wood of &SheMoves. (value: $120)
  • Personalized at-home training session + customized home training plan from Women’s Fitness Expert Dara Bergeron of Belly Bootcamp. (value: $250)
  • CoreFX resistance band, the favourite of our BB classes, to get you started on a home fitness routine. (value: $25)

This total prize package of over $500 will give you inspiration and focus for months, to build your strongest, healthiest Mom Bod!

Good luck!



A few details:

  • Turn your Instagram account settings to “Public” so we can view your entries.
  • You can share every day or just some days; each share will count as an entry.
  • Prize scheduling subject to availability.
  • In-home prizes available in Toronto only. Skype/online substitution for winner outside of Toronto is available.
  • This contest is in no way endorsed or monitored by, or affiliated with Instagram.
  • Contest closes 12:00 a.m., June 14, 2o17. Winner announced via Instagram.