A few weeks ago, I ‘fessed up to feeling a little down lately.  The kids are growing, time is marching on and sometimes lately I struggle to keep up the cheery demeanour required in my chosen profession.  There is nothing worse, I imagine, than having some poopypants whiner show up at your door at 6:00 a.m. to “motivate” you.  So I suck it up.  Then, every once in a while, I vent to a loved one or to all of you.

The last time I vented, in my post “Curing Separation Anxiety”, the readers at PTPA chimed in with a ton of great ideas to get the blood flowing, the heart pumping and the heart soaring.  There is nothing like a little workout to cure what ails you.

Thanks for your suggestions, ladies! Here they are, a choose-your-own-adventure list of exercise solutions to relieve stress and get your workout on:

  • My workout when I am feeling low is mommy and baby bootcamp. Its so nice to be able to work out and still have your baby there. – Susy
  • I have been doing weights and working out on my elliptical trainer machine in my basement while watching TLC’s “What Not to Wear”. – Cheryl
  • In snowy weather I stay in and do some relaxing breathing and stretching; in sunny weather I power walk around the block a few


times. – Ann Sweet


  • I go grab my iPod Shuffle, head down to our treadmill in the basement and run off the blahs — usually the music itself gets me into a better mood. I usually sing along too. – Jennifer Rayment
  • I’m taking the kids for a walk right now. I think the fresh air and adrenaline rush is exactly what I need!!! – cc west
  • Down to the ground for a few push ups. – Sarah
  • I love going for a walk in nature. It both gets my blood flowing and gives me the chance to remember that there is beauty all around us. – Susan K
  • Boxing on the Wii…really gets the blood pumping. – jeannine m
  • If I can’t get out, I play with my toddler. Chasing her around is a definite workout! – Tara
  • I [leave] yoga feeling fresh and rejuvenated. I now use it whenever possible. Really, I need it more often then I think. – Lisa Giampa
  • I just do stretches and listen to music. – Angie Moore
  • I find a channel on TV that reruns “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and then do the “Carleton” dance – that always makes me laugh! – Sharlene

  • My go to workout is pushing the kids in the jogging stroller while I am rollerblading! – dara stone
  • When I’m feeling stressed I turn to my beginner TaeBo workout tape (yep, on VHS!). I love the easy moves and I always end up feeling strong and centered by the end. – Josee Plouffe
  • “Dance on Broadway” for Wii.  It makes me feel famous and automatically lifts my spirits. – Nicole
  • When I am feeling low, I try and dance with my kids. I get out some extra energy and work out at the same time. – Kelly

So suck it up and work it out!

Did we miss something?  Got a go-to workout for a bad day?  Share it here!