Back to work after mat leave and putting in some work-from-home hours? Or maybe you’re a self-employed mama who’s slinging a laptop AND a diaper bag everywhere you go.

Whatever you work style, if you use a computer and desk on a regular basis, this blog is for YOU. Especially if you’ve had any nagging hip, back, shoulder or neck pain due to a less-than-ideal home office setup.

This week for #MombodMondays we are getting SUPER PRACTICAL!


Occupational therapist & Mom of 3 (oh and – NBD – YouTube Star! ?) Tina Singh shares:

✨Which home office gear is worth buying or not buying

✨What to look for in a desk, chair, keyboard & screen setup

✨What an occupational therapist does and how it can help bridge the gap between chiropractic/physio/diagnosis of a strain or injury and getting back to the things that you love

✨Typical injuries and strains that can happen when working from home

✨How to prevent injury by adding variety to your routine

✨How to protect your eyes and vision while working on a screen

✨The basic alignment tips that every human probably needs to sit at a desk and work for the day

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How to Set Up Your Work-From-Home Desk To Prevent Pain & Injury

Occupational Therapist and busy mama of three, Tina Singh, shares her must-have items and top tips for working at a desk without wrecking your mombod.

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