Whip up these overnight oats after dinner to have ready-to-go scrumptious breakfasts for the whole family. Perfect for busy fall mornings!

I cannot possibly say enough good things about make-ahead breakfasts. Especially at this time of year, when shorter days and darker mornings make for longer sleep-ins and rushed routines. (Or is that just in my house?)



I’ve called this recipe “Overnight Oats”, but on a different day I might have called it Bircher Muesli. Many years ago, when breakfast was usually picked up on the way to the office and eaten hurriedly at my desk, I fell in love with a similar muesli concoction, and have sworn ever since that I *would* one day figure out how to replicate it.

And yes, that day has come. Motivated in no small part by the two-year old crank-pot that I now share my life–and breakfasts–with. When the Bean is hungry she is HUNGRYYYYYY AHHHHHHH MAMA HUNGRYYYYYYYYY I WANT I WANT!!!!!! And in those moments, there is nothing more satisfying than pulling these oats out of the fridge, spooning them into a DayGlo yellow bowl, and putting them in front of her. Occasionally she throws them at me or uses them to paint on our dining table. But usually she eats them. And so does her mom.

I make these oats after dinner, and then let them sit in the fridge overnight until they are soft and mushy, and the flavours have combined. Leftovers–if you’ve got any–will keep for a couple of days in a covered container and, if they thicken up, can be thinned to your preferred consistency with a little milk.



Get the full recipe at (Cooking for) Kiwi & Bean.


Do you have a favourite make-ahead breakfast?