Gone are the days when hundreds of crunches and holding plank for hours was THE best way to train your core.

And remember this?

#neverforget the 90s.

We’re still a pretty ab-obsessed society. Nowadays we hear all about “the core” instead of “abs,” but do we really know what that’s really referring to? Are we still talking about the “six-pack” muscles? And what about the pelvic floor?

The core is actually a team of muscles that all work together to provide support for your body when we do virtually ANY movement in our daily life.

Everything from picking up grocery bags to reaching for that hidden bag of chips on the top shelf is a “core exercise.”

At BB classes and in our personal training and online programs, the core is TOP PRIORITY, but a lot of the “core exercises” we’re doing might seem just like plain old’ strength exercises.

Doing them CORRECTLY is the magic bullet to real core strength.

Prioritizing large muscle movements like squats and lunges instead of crunches and sit-ups is not only more effective, it’s more efficient. Working your glutes while working your abdominals? Yes please! Strengthening your upper back while working your pelvic floor? Two for one!

This high-efficiency training lets my BB and Mama Reset clients get amazing results with workouts as short as 10 minutes a day.

For real.

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… with this downloadable, pin-able infographic!

Here are 10 of our favourite “total body” moves which are actually awesome core exercises! 

Save this cheat sheet to your phone and give these 10 non-ab-exercises a try, to get those core muscles working for you. No spine-crunching sit-ups required!