Here’s a little inspiration for your home fitness routine, taken straight from the trainer’s toolbox!

April is the beginning of that warm spring weather and the time of year when runners, walkers and cyclists all hit the roads. Strengthen and stretch your legs and hips while you tone up your “rear view” for shorts season with this month’s move. This exercises also improves balance and core stability, and is perfect for all fitness levels. Add it to your usual routine or complete a set after your runs and walks.

Target Area: hamstrings, glutes, calves

Equipment: none.

move of the month: single leg deadlift


Begin standing with feet hip-width apart. Lift right leg and hold it just above the floor. Keep both knees slightly bent. Slowly inhale and lower toward the floor, feeling the stretch in your butt and thigh, until you touch the floor with both hands. Press into your left heel to activate your glutes and return to standing, pushing your butt forward and standing with perfect posture at the top. Keep right leg lifted for entire movement. Complete a total of 8-12 reps; repeat on opposite side. Keep abdominal muscles contracted and entire foot on the floor throughout.

Too challenging? Lower only until your hands reach the height of your knee and/or tap down the elevated foot as needed.

Too easy? Place a full water bottle, single dumbbell or other weighted object on the floor and lift and lower it as you perform the deadlifts.


Be well,