Sarah joined BB in the Beach on a hot, sunny day in May and never looked back! She has been training twice per week for nearly 8 months and we’ve watched her go from newbie to top of the class. Now, Sarah makes it look easy... which makes us just want to come up with more new tricks, so we can keep her around and getting results a little bit longer. Thanks, Sarah!


What brought you to BB? How long did you train?


After a few failed attempts at getting into a workout routine myself at home, I decided I needed a bit (a lot?) of help and found BB online. I have been training twice a week for 7 months, and am totally addicted at this point. While I have always tried to be a fairly regular exerciser, this is honestly the first time in my life I haven’t dreaded my workouts – I actually really look forward to class every Tuesday and Thursday!


What results have you experienced?


I was pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight when I started BB at 6 months postpartum, but my strength and stamina were pretty sad. I had lost a lot of strength in my legs, in particular. After six months of doing BB two hours a week, it’s amazing how much stronger I feel – probably more than I ever have before – and while my actual weight has only gone down a few pounds, I have definitely toned up a lot. My stamina has improved considerably too – the three flights of stairs in my townhouse are no longer the bane of my existence! On top of all that, I just feel so much more confident and energetic…and healthy!


How do you stay active outside of BB?


To be honest, I don’t find time for much outside of BB besides walks a few times a week, and general keeping-up-with-a-13-month-old (although sometimes I actually try to entertain him by doing jump squats…he thinks they’re funny). I definitely try to get as much as I can out of my two classes a week!


What is your #1 fitness goal now?


I just want to keep doing BB twice a week until I go back to work – and hopefully even once I’m back – and with any luck continue to see the awesome results I’ve been getting so far!


Fave healthy food?


Grilled salmon. I can’t even tell you how much I love grilled salmon. And thanks to BB recipes, I’m also on a big egg kick – I’ve gone from having a lifelong aversion, to eating them almost every day!


Fave BB exercise?


I really like the ones that are like jumping frog squats. They are hard, but the fact that I can do them makes me realize how much I’ve improved.


Exercise you want to punch in the face?


Side shuffles up the hill. Terrible.  (Lucky for you, we won’t have hills to shuffle up again until the BB outdoor season starts again in May, Sarah…)


Last splurge food or drink?


How about food “and” drink? After 6 agonizing hours of shopping on Saturday, I may have relaxed with a pint…and pizza…and tiramisu.


You in 5 words. Go!


Easygoing. Sentimental. Quiet. Honest. Silly.


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