Meet Pamela from our Mississauga BB location! Pam started training when she found out she was pregnant with twins and, despite the struggles of staying active with a multiples pregnancy, Pam worked out until just 1 week before her delivery. Now she’s even fitter than she was before getting pregnant. Thank goodness since her twins are soon to be


“toddlers.” Thanks, Pam!

What brought you to BB? How long did you train?


I began with BB at the 20 week mark of my pregnancy after discovering that I was pregnant with twins. I knew that I would need to be in great shape to make it through the pregnancy.  Starting BB was not easy for me as I found it difficult from day one to keep up with others (who were not carrying twins), but Dara encouraged me to continue and to accept that the twin pregnancy would make things more difficult, but I could still be successful. While I did not have an easy pregnancy I was able and determined to exercise until 36 weeks, having Peter and Lyah via c-section the next week.  I returned to training 3 months post-natal and still train twice a week in Mississaug. My trainer, Kara, has been fantastic at modifying exercises to enable me to work out while recovering from a c-section.


What results have you experienced?


Attending BB during the pregnancy allowed me to carry the twins to their scheduled due date.  Returning to BB in the last year has resulted in a weight loss so that I am now 10 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight.


How do you stay active outside of BB?


Running after two kids who are starting to walk and constantly pulling things off shelves and tables to remind mommy to finish baby proofing provides plenty of exercise.  I also try to get outside for a walk every day.


What is your #1 fitness goal now?


My fitness goal at this point is to increase my stamina and coordination.  While my body and conditioning has steadily improved, I consistently struggle to find energy as a new mom.


Fave healthy food?


I love veggie wraps for lunch – avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers in a whole wheat wrap with a bit of cheese.


Fave BB exercise?


I love any type of glute/butt challenge and try to do it daily at home.


Exercise you want to punch in the face?


Burpees and jump squats.


Last splurge food or drink?


I have trouble resisting my mom’s homemade cookies in any form — chocolate chip, ginger snaps, oatmeal . . . the list goes on.


You in 5 words. Go!


Honest. Caring. Thoughtful. Active. And with two babies about to turn 1 . . . busy!


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