Meet mommy of one, Lesley, from our Beach location. An avid soccer player and half-marathoner, Lesley has been training for 3 months with BB and just completed her first post-baby half marathon!  We’ve been nothing short of impressed with her lighting focus and amazing ability to keep her mouth shut and just get to work. Keeping our mouths shut is not something we trainers excel at. Lesley, any chance you’d like to trade some etiquette coaching for some more burpees?…



What brought you to BB? How long did you train?


Since I don’t have family nearby, I had been looking for a place to workout where I could bring my son. My friend Sarah introduced me to BB and it was exactly what I was looking for: an intense, fun workout nicely fit into one hour with baby in tow. I’ve been training for 10 weeks both indoors and out and I LOVE being out in the park now that the weather is warmer!


What results have you experienced?


I have dropped weight (don’t know how much) and I’m definitely stronger! I can do pushups from my feet now and it helped me get back into shape for my first half marathon post baby. Oh, and I can finally see my collarbone again!


How do you stay active outside of BB?


I play soccer twice a week and just ran my seventh half marathon (first half marathon post baby).


What is your #1 fitness goal now?


My husband has a pull up bar in our bedroom doorway. I usually just walk right by it but now my goal is to do one pull up (hopefully more) soon!


Fave healthy food?


Sweet potatoes and avocados.


Fave BB exercise?


Burpees — they remind me of my soccer training days!


Exercise you want to punch in the face?


Jumping jacks! I almost feel guilty admitting it because they are so innocent, but I hate them! I’d rather run a lap!


Last splurge food or drink?




You in 5 words. Go!


Just asked my husband to answer this question about me. His answer… Considerate. Sincere. Loving. Thoughtful. Jovial. He’s a great husband!


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