Meet Amanda from our Mississauga location! Amanda is a brand-spanking-new Belly Bootcamper, who joined in September when baby Amelie was just 3 months old. We love to hear that she’s hooked on the strength building and fat loss benefits she’s already seeing after just a few weeks. We’ve got big plans to keep challenging her. Thanks, Amanda!



What brought you to BB? How long did you train?


A friend was training at BB and recommended the class! I did a trial class, and now I’ve been training for a month.


What results have you experienced?


Already I feel stronger and more energized! My metabolism has picked up and I am under my pre-pregnancy weight!


How do you stay active outside of BB?


Having a baby keeps me active by bouncing and playing. In addition to this I make sure to ‘catch the morning sun’ every day for fresh air and to get my heart rate up.


What is your #1 fitness goal now?


Increase strength training – I want to be able to complete push-ups on my toes every time and be able to pistol squat.


Fave healthy food?


Beets! Shred fresh or eat boiled on a salad, place raw into a shake, or cook in a soup!


Fave BB exercise?


Planks(yes, she really put an exclamation mark in there!…)


Exercise you want to punch in the face?


Burpees! (and she really put an exclamation mark in there too…but for different reasons, we think…)


Last splurge food or drink?


Peanut butter cups.


You in 5 words. Go!


Enthusiastic. Active. Fast. Bright. Serious.


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