This impressive watermelon salad is perfect for long weekend celebrations. But a watermelon is HUGE, so use the rest for a tasty cocktail. We’ve got you drunk covered.

Watermelon season is here! This summer fave is packed with antioxidant vitamins and — surprise, surprise — water, making it a perfect, hydrating treat for pregnant and postpartum mamas. We probably don’t have to tell you it’s a kid favourite too.

But we can’t be the only ones who leave a sad, dying, plastic-wrapped quarter watermelon in the fridge from time to time?

Problem solved. We’ve got a 2-for-1 recipe combo to hydrate you to. the. max. As long as rum is hydrating. OK, rum is not hydrating but rum is alcohol and it’s the weekend. Amiright?




Whip up this simple & impressive salad for your BBQ this weekend. It’s so easy we’re not even including a recipe. Mix together:

  • Chunks of fresh watermelon
  • Crumbled light feta
  • A good handful of fresh mint, finely chopped.

Drizzle with fresh lime juice. Serve alongside your favourite BBQ protein.




Now here comes the fun part… With your leftover watermelon, make Watermelon Mojitos!

Cheers! Happy Victoria Day!