If there’s one thing I keep hearing over and over since this period of #socialdistancing started its this:

“I can’t get a moment to myself!”

Followed in close second by:

“I feel SO tight!”

Sound about right? But here’s the thing. Not only are the repetitive tasks of #momlife super hard on your back, hips and legs, the stress you’re feeling about this pandemic and isolation might be making your body EVEN stiffer.

When we are emotionally stressed, we tend to squeeze and clutch our muscles. In particular, we tense up around those most delicate bits: our head/neck and our pelvis/genitals.

What does this mean? Those already tight upper back and lower body muscles get even tighter.

But here’s a good news story.

Stretching – whether in the form of yoga, gentle holds or a lovely moving stretch routine like the one I’ve got for you below – helps calm down not just your muscles and joints but your brain and nervous system as well.

It’s not JUST about flexibility!

So spend 15 minutes with me bringing some relief to those tired hip, leg and pelvic muscles to reap ALL these benefits:

✔️ mobility in your pelvic muscles for less leakage, pressure and tension

✔️ longer, more supple leg muscles and soft tissues that can move well

✔️ better alignment and posture

✔️ better circulation, plus a rush of feel-good hormones and meditative zen

Ready? Let’s do this! You’ll love coming back to this in the evenings after a long day. Or save it for an afternoon stretch break from your #homeoffice desk or during baby’s naptime.

Follow-Along Leg, Hip + Pelvic Floor Stretch


All you need is a mat or carpet and a throw pillow or folded towel for this full-length follow along stretch routine that will bring physical and mental calm to the end of your day.