When it comes to training your core and pelvic floor, the Dead Bug is basically the gold standard! ? The Dead Bug exercise can be modified to increase or decrease intensity, making it the perfect choice for postpartum workouts.

Because we lie supported on our backs, the Dead Bug is often a superior choice to that other ubiquitous core exercise: the Plank. In the Plank, gravity pulls our inner bits down and places the tender cesarean section site OR diastasis recti under the pressure of gravity.

How to Do the Dead Bug in Postpartum

For a 1-minute primer on the Dead Bug exercise, what to do and what not to do, watch this quick video from my Mama Reset programs:


In the Dead Bug exercise, the weight is OFF the front of the abdomen and we focus on drawing inward with the core to stabilize the torso and keep it firmly on the mat. Then we add movement of the legs, arms or both to challenge the core to remain stable and engaged as the levers of the arms and legs increase the tension.

Bam! Science.


Dead Bug Variations For Postpartum: From Simplest to Most Challenging

These five dead bug variations are the same ones you’ll find in our award-winning Belly Bootcamp classes, in-person OR online!

Start with the basic version in slide #1. Then progress into the more challenging iterations, ensuring you’re able to keep your spine imprinted on the floor with your ribs and hips drawn down throughout. Your ribs and belly should never thrust up.

? Videos are sped up 300% – focus on a slow, controlled pace where you exhale to draw the core inward just before/as you lengthen the arm and/or leg and then inhale as you return to the starting point.

For more info on how to breathe during core work in pregnancy & postpartum, check this post out!

Try adding these Dead Bug exercises in between leg and upper body exercises in your home workout. Or join a Belly Bootcamp class to learn how to do them with help from our friendly Mama Trainers!

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