Greetings Belly Bootcampers! I’m popping in from (Cooking for) Kiwi & Bean to share what might just be the healthiest chocolate treat ever invented. Fudgy brownie bars made with the goodness of sweet potatoes and black beans. Which I realize sounds like a massive chocolate compromise. But one taste of these fudge bars and you may never go the butter/flour/white sugar route again.


Now wait just a sec before you go all “why ruin chocolate with vegetables and beans” on me. I totally get it and am inclined to agree that as a general rule, chocolate and vegetables do not belong together. BUT, no one will ever guess that there are sweet potatoes and beans hiding inside these dense, soft, creamy fudgy brownie bars.

These bars look and taste like a much more decadent chocolate treat, but they are (1) flourless and totally wheat free, (2) vegan, and (3) sweetened only with sweet potatoes and a bit of maple syrup. The ultimate healthy, flavourful, no-compromise chocolate treat. And when I watched my three year old polish one off in record time and then ask for seconds, I knew this was a winner.

Serve these on their own or—if you really want to take them up a notch—with a dollop of real whipped cream or whipped coconut cream and a few fresh raspberries.

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Sarah Huggins is a lawyer, home chef, and Belly Bootcamp mommy of two. For quick and healthy family meal ideas and recipes, you can follow her award winning blog, Kiwi & Bean, on InstagramFacebook or Pinterest