You won’t believe what you accomplish in an hour at BB! Tone from head to toe, strengthen your core and make friends for life!

Believe it or not, spring is here. The calendar said so. Soon all BB classes will move outdoors for  our ninth amazing season of BB stroller fitness. We’re geared up for our best summer ever with new parks and class times to bring the BB magic to you!



The sun is shining. Under the shade of these big Toronto trees you are smiling. You’re surrounded by your girlfriends — your new tribe of mamas — sweating it out. Your heart is pounding. Your energy is soaring and your body feels stronger than it has in years. Your little one is alongside, soaking it all in.

But this is about you. This is an hour or two out of your week that’s all about building yourself up, from the inside out.

We’ve got a fantastic roster of seven gorgeous Toronto parks, with new earlier class times at select locations to help you mamas of many juggle preschool pickups while still getting incredibly #BBstrong!




Following are the exact meeting points for each location:

High Park (west): Enter the park at Bloor St./High Park Ave. and meet at the cluster of picnic benches directly between the north and south parking on the ring road. By TTC, exit at High Park station and walk across Bloor St. to enter the park. Parking is available for free at the first lot as you enter from Bloor St.

Trinity Bellwoods (central): Meet at the northwest corner of Trinity Bellwoods Park, at Dundas St./Shaw St. By TTC, take the Dundas Streetcar to Shaw St. or take the Queen Streetcar to Strachan and walk to the north end of the park. Parking is available for free along both Shaw St. and Dundas St.

Wells Hill Park (midtown west): Meet at the northeast corner of Wells Hill Park, at Wells Hill Ave./St. Clair Ave. By TTC, take the subway or streetcar to St. Clair West station and cross to south side of St. Clair. Free parking is available on nearby residential streets.

Withrow Park (danforth/midtown east): Meet at the northeast corner of Withrow Park, at Carlaw Ave./McConnell Ave. By TTC, take the subway or bus to Pape station and walk one block south on Carlaw Ave. Free parking is available on nearby residential streets.

Jimmie Simpson Park (east): Meet at the southeast corner of Jimmie Simpson Park, at Queen St./Booth Ave.. By TTC, take the Queen Streetcar to Booth Ave. Metered parking is available along Queen St. E. and free parking is available on nearby residential streets.

KEW Gardens/Beaches Park (east): Meet at the east side of Kew Gardens/Beaches Park, south of Queen St./Lee Ave. near the Gardener’s Cottage. Free parking is available on nearby residential streets and metered parking in the Green P parking lot at Queen/Lee.


We provide the equipment and expertise. Please bring the following items for your use:

  • Water
  • Clothing in layers so you can remain warm or cool as needed, with a supportive bra
  • Comfortable, supportive athletic shoes
  • Sunscreen/hat/insect repellent, if desired
  • Garbage bag to act as “mat” in case of dampness
  • Infant carrier in case baby becomes fussy in the stroller
  • Medications/orthopaedic supports you might need
  • Snacks/toys/diversions for baby, plus a blanket or mat for baby, if you wish

We run rain or shine! A few notes regarding weather & outdoor training:

  • Don’t rely on the morning weather when you wake, or on the forecast. Many times we have seen forecasts of rain or rainy early mornings that turn out to be beautiful sunny workouts, or pleasant, cloudy and cool workouts. Only a handful of classes are rained out each season.
  • Most parks offer covered picnic areas we can use in the case of rain to stay sheltered.
  • In cases of truly inclement weather, you will receive an email the morning of your class to inform you that class has been cancelled. Cancellations are also announced on our Facebook page, so be sure to like us on Facebook. Cancellations are only in cases of unusually extreme heat, lightning, unusually heavy rain and hail. If you have not received an email, class is on!
  • Make up classes are not awarded in cases of regular summer heat, coolness and/or rain.
  • Your Belly Bootcamp trainer is armed with an arsenal of effective exercises and our BB class plans include modifications for weather, even when the ground is muddy and wet.
  • Don’t underestimate yourself! Often the cooler days are the easiest on which to exercise – less sweat, less heat. Put a rain cover on your stroller, throw a hat on your head and wear a windbreaker. Within 5 minutes you’ll be warm!
  • Don’t wear your best workout clothes to BB in the summer. Rain, mud, dandelions and grass all await you. Save your most fabulous gear for a walk with your girlfriends or BB indoor classes.
  • Keep a black garbage bag or two stuffed in the bottom of your stroller. When the ground is a bit damp or just dirty, a garbage bag can act as a “mat” to perform core work and will spare your expensive yoga mat from park mess.


There are a few spots remaining in BB this May, although registration is always open and our schedule is expanding soon.

Know someone who might like to join you at BB this spring?

Refer a friend to Belly Bootcamp and you’ll receive a free week when she signs up

See you there!

xo – D