We know Belly Bootcamp is special. We know it works. We know our mommies love being a part of Belly Bootcamp because they come back.

With all of the fitness options out there in a city as big as Toronto, Belly Bootcamp mommies return, session after session, until their maternity leaves end. Often, they join a weekend class when they go back to work so they can continue their fitness journey with us. And – awesomest of awesome – they return to us with second and third babies because they know Belly Bootcamp works. They don’t need to shop around and compare. But it is still nice to get a little thank you note once in a while (as our mothers always taught us).

This little gem turned up in my email last week and Jackie, from our Trinity Bellwoods location, allowed me to share it with all of you. Wondering if Belly Bootcamp is worth your time and money?...

We have a hectic summer planned (just in and out of the city) and as such, won’t be able to sign up for more classes, at least for the next couple of months.

I have to tell you though, I absolutely loved your classes!!! I appreciated how you took the time to check with me and my various ailments (which are much better!) and helped me out when Cristiano was fussy/crying.  I’m always raving about you and Belly Bootcamp to my girlfriends.  I joined your class in the beginning as a special birthday gift to myself way back in February and am so glad I did!

Between the classes and your blogs, I’ve learned lots of new tips, tricks and exercises that I’m constantly trying to implement into my daily routine.  So if you happen to see that lone mom with her stroller squatting across the park, that’ll be me.  🙂

– Jackie S.

Of course, you don’t have to take Jackie’s word for it. See more testimonials here. Better yet – come out and try a free class for yourself to see what makes Belly Bootcamp so special.

We look forward to training you!